The Scientific Committee on Ocean Research Viral Ecology Working Group



  • Markus G. Weinbauer (France)
  • Steven W. Wilhelm (USA)



  • Gunnar Bratbak (Norway)
  • Corina Brussaard (Netherlands)
  • Dolores Mehnert (Brazil)
  • Mathias Middelboe (Denmark)
  • Kiezo Nagasaki (Japan)
  • Curtis Suttle (Canada)
  • Willie Wilson (UK)
  • K. E. Wommack (USA)



  • Feng Chen (USA)
  • Roberto Danovaro (Italy)
  • Yoanna Eissler(Chile)
  • Jed Fuhrman (USA)
  • Sonia Gianesella (Brazil)
  • Gerhard Herndl (Netherlands)
  • Nianzhi Jiao (China-Beijiing)
  • Nicholas Mann (UK)
  • Télesphore Sime-Ngando (France)
  • John Paul (USA)
  • Declan Schroeder (UK)
  • Grieg Steward (USA)
  • Dolors Vaqué (Spain)

Our charge

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the first reports of high viral abundance within marine ecosystems and the beginning of a renaissance in our appreciation of the importance of viruses to the ecology, population biology, and evolution of their microbial hosts. Today, mounting evidence from field ecology to bacterial comparative genomics and metagenomics of viral assemblages support the idea viral infection is probably a universal phenomena for all microbial life. The broader implications of this fact are that viruses influence global-scale biogeochemical cycles and carry a diverse repository of genes which are capable of altering the physiological features of host cells. This meeting will provide an overview of the current research avenues within viral ecology and implications for our understanding of the ecology of microorganisms in the sea. Despite our focus on marine ecosystems, the SCOR working group welcomes all scientists interested in the influence of viral activities on ecosystem processes and microbial communities.


At a glance

Invited Speakers - Nine invited speakers representing a cross-section of topics in viral ecology.
Schedule - Evening mixer & Keynote Thursday May 14 to final banquet Saturday May 16th.
Registration - On-line information form, payment by phone. Early registration deadline April 13th.
Travel - Newark, conveniently located 45 min from Philadelphia and 75 min from Baltimore.
Housing - Conference Hotel, Courtyard Mariott (April 13th deadline); other options available.
Sightseeing - Numerous world class tourist destinations of the historic Brandywine valley.
ASM - 109th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Philadelphia May 17 - 21st